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Jim Cramer

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Meme stock upgrade!! $BBBY-- to the moon my friends.. and even some YOLO

Don't forget tomorrow's rebalancing will be meme meme ad more meme.. Shorts in Clover might be unhappy

Gary Kelly just signaled that $LUV is about to become one of the biggest carriers--he needs more planes. Dominant carrier in this country?????? After this interview --YES!!!!

You buy $LUV, Southwest, off this interview...

if southwest needs more planes then they have more business then we think.. that's a BUY $LUV

Box Is Poised for an Important Breakout: @BruceKamich 

we have many entries into the contest of what Nvidia the Second, AKA Ragu, really is. so we are getting a 23 and me like kit to nail this down. meanwhile here he is with a leaf. i am not sure he knows what it is. He bit me last night . suboptimal

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So many people are so great here about rescue dogs. Think of all the dogs' lives that are being saved!!! #AdoptDontShop 


It's really incredible how sad Twitter can be. A credible hospital a credible reporter and a credible former FDA Commish are hopeful about Gilead's drug but almost every armchair doctor here is negative? Goodnight...

Really furious about Chinese and how they treat us and our drug companies. The lies they tell. and they own the WHO

SENATORS why the hell do you even own stocks. shameless. just shameless. I will worry about your portfolio, you worry about the country...

it is not too late for Bitcoin.. great alternative to gold... which i have always believed in

Futures look strong.. .market likes what it sees from Trump....

I am very impressed by this ..very.. cynics won't be. But these are totally heavyweight ceos. This is what we needed to get confidence!!

@mcuban It is very rare that i read something that i totally and unequivocally agree with. Below is one of those reads. I am so tired of the rich profiting from every cataclysm. This is the time to reset the system in favor of the working person. Right Now!

How was it that test taking takes so long yet the NBA had immediate testing on the players?

We are now at 190,000 a day. Those who don't believe in masks, social distancing, contact tracing, tell me your plan. All ears.