creator. poet. lyricist✍? mother. healer. lover? lava mama w/ the mana?slauson hills raised me?cool cat lady?ancient alien baby? #2Fish ♓️ Jhené 3:16 ?

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i'm playing more crystal alchemy sound bowls on every new track too ✨✨✨✨tell me if u can hear them... or feel them even 💫 #CHILOMBODELUXE  🌋

finally a song with my big sister @MilaJ  💙 scorpio & pisces 💦💦💦

tryna beat the heat & summer madness...

#HappyInternationalCatDay to my fur babies ☺️

Happy 6th Birthday to my sweet lil angel baby, Souled Out 💙✨🌊 SoulMates, what are your favorite songs from this album? #SouledOut 

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life is so fragile. be kind, be present ?

Happiness Over Everything, HOE !!

🗣no justice. no peace 💔 #BlackLivesMatter  PERIOD !

you are doing your best with the hand you've been dealt... keep going, you got this ??✨?

what i take from my dad's "i dont compete, i complete" quote is, when u are complete (meaning u feel whole, & @ peace with who u are, where u are in life, etc) u dont feel the need to compete w/ anyone for anything because you have and are all u need (u are complete)

i still really really love you