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Latest Scoops

Is Netflix changing movie artwork to grab black viewers? https://t.co/dXeTP1yLHZ
“She’s a woke witch." Aren't we all? https://t.co/n4xAq35gKJ
Emily Warren, who wrote a hit for The Chainsmokers, becomes a pop act herself https://t.co/QgObyohhml
Kids of a late 9/11 firefighter pay tribute to their dad, pitch his product on Shark Tank https://t.co/fiUrb4biWj
The revelation of his old tweets has divided his former evangelists: should they be dismissed as typical adolescent crassness, trolling essentially, or concerning insight into the character of an adult man? https://t.co/8ZoZcAWej2
Julia Louis-Dreyfus takes a dig at Brett Kavanaugh during awards ceremony speech https://t.co/0NkEgrGCR9
"The powers that be trying to deconstruct the validity of our existence itself." Scenes from a protest against the Trump administration's anti-trans memo https://t.co/4Ax9NECtSs
Jared Kushner wants justice for all the wrongly incarcerated white billionaires https://t.co/24MxKzEVOR
Diane Warren says of "Why Did You Do That?": “I love that her character defended her music... It can be a serious song, it can be a pop song, it can be a song about an ass.” https://t.co/jGhKzAzpQ7
Women don't know enough about ovarian cancer and the cost is deadly https://t.co/kEpPOTgzmo
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