Happy MLK Day! Here’s to a man who understood the power of a voice guided by love and purpose.

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Life is flying by; don’t go another minute looking at what’s wrong, thinking that you’ve reached your limits. You’re on the launching pad. God is about to do a new thing. You’re about to see His favor in unprecedented ways.

Biden says he wants to put a black woman on the Supreme Court

Bizarre non-answer from Warren on US embassy. Klobuchar correct. It is our embassy.

Judge made pretty clear today she didn't think Roger Stone's defense had any real basis to challenge the fairness of his jury. Then she called jurors to testify anyway, in a move triggered in part by Trump's attacks. w @dsamuelsohn 

Kenney, good conservative he is, hates governments picking winners and losers. But in service of the oil sector, he's had a change of heart by me

A well-made chocolate egg cream is hard to find. That's why we took a deep dive.

Instead of a screaming debate next time, maybe they can play candidate jeopardy. "I'll have pandemics for $500 please," #DemDebate