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Fitness Expert - Mentor - TV Host

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Facebook Live TONIGHT with Jessie Pavelka

From the Team - Just #2hours to go until Jessie is Live on air talking about ‘Love’: Loving yourself and how to accept love. There’s still time to submit your Q’s below. See you there! 7PM UK/11AM PST
#facebooklivewithjessie #love❣️
They are an athletic lot in @CiscoPoland. About to start rock climbing with Tomas as part of our Pavelka TV series. Should be interesting! #sweat and lots of #connect #CiscoPavelka @WeAreCisco
In full swing with @CiscoPoland talking all things #Health with the The Four Elements. #CiscoPavelka @WeAreCisco
Happy MLK Day! Here’s to a man who understood the power of a voice guided by love and purpose.
I’m so excited to start the New Year at Pavelka HQ, building out our plans with Simplicity Clarity and Focus in mind. We’ve set our goals, now I want to talk about building yours. Join me tomorrow night live on Facebook 7pm BST/11am PST #facebooklivewithjessie #goalsetting
Something to think about in the pursuit of creating a healthy style of life. #eat #sweat #think #connect

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I may be in trouble but I've just upped the prize to 2 sets of 2 tickets!! RT #JessiePavelkaTour2016
WIN! Two tickets to my live shows in March in UK up for grabs. Just RT! Add #PavelkaLive. Until 29Nov.
Be true to who YOU really are. Never try to be a poor imitation of someone else. Bypass the noise, the falsehoods and the ‘You Should’s and be unapologetically YOU. Be at the forefront of your own personal movie. The Truth of your amazing life awaits. #think
Today, no matter how bad you think things are, choose to be great. Change the lens you're using to look at the world. Shift #itsallYOU
A good reminder that YOU are the most important person in this world. #selfworth #selflove #selfhealth #tankupham
When you think you're done and there's nothing left take a deep breath, go to that place in your mind and do 1 more.
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