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Police fire back tear gas towards the protesters outside PolyU. #antielab  #hongkongprotests 

Police firing rounds and rounds of tear gas outside Polyu again. #antielab  #hongkongprotests 

Like CUHK, some protesters are busy making food for others in the kitchen. #antielab  #hongkongprotests 

A protesters shouted desperately form the rooftop at the police, “Remember you got life in your hand. Why you need to push us to death?”

A dozen injured persons being taken away by ambulance team from the fire service department.

Two frontline lovers in full body gear hug each other in the besieged campus that has been in lockdown for a week, with protesters trapped on all sides by riot police amid fears of a bloody clampdown

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Legislator Ted Hui said he will accompany the students who want to leave and he’s ready to be arrested with rioting together with them.