Jessicka Addams ?

Jessicka Addams ?

FL born LA adjacent, feminist artist, writer w/a Napoleon complex. #catlover Sings 4 @Scarling. @JOJ_official #headwitchincharge?#randomhearts

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#TBT To anybody I may have wronged, I ask for your forgiveness. To anybody I’ve helped, I hope it was enough, To anybody I couldn’t help, I hope others did. To anybody who’s helped me, I’m grateful. To anybody who has harmed me, you’ve given me the opportunity to heal & improve♥️

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Sexual misconduct is built into the foundation of the #musicindustry . Abuse, violence, lies, & intrinsic sexism fuels the industry. Here’s yet another gross example of injustice: Stay strong , you are believed, lo @KeshaRoseed  & supported. ♥️ #FreeKesha 

Another example of #abuseofpower  & #selectivememory . Both @DaveNavarro  & @BillyMorrison  fail to mention in most of their press for a #MentalHealthAwareness  benefit is that they chose to invite rapist & serial abuser Twiggy on stage. @MusiCares ?

@Innova79212557  @urfeministbossI  am of the opinion that rapists and rape apologists should be sterilized. The amount of men who’ve called me a liar and then deflected from their own insidious illegal actions is astounding.

To 12 happy and extremely alluring appealing captivating delightful riveting insane bewitching delectable fun irresistible years of marriage. I wouldn’t have it any other way. ♥️ @xtianAddams  October 13, 2007


In the spirit of paying it forward, I would like to start something on twitter! Send a heart ♥ #randomhearts  (any color) to a stranger on twitter. If you get one send one to another person. Keep this going! No explanation needed! #PayItForward  💗❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 please RT

For the last time. 2 + years ago I made a difficult choice & an honest life changing public statement. Anyone who still doubts me isn’t worth convincing. If you choose to support criminals or can’t stomach the truth, unfollow me. I’m unapologetically enthusiastic about my life.

"Unless you're a total jerk who thinks people are unequal, YOU ARE A FEMINIST. Welcome aboard!" One of my all time favorite quotes.

Our time here is brief. We should take great care to be kind to one another & do the right thing. Surround ourselves w/ love & positivity.

Please be respectful during this sensitive time. @StevieRyan 's fans, friends & family know what an amazing human she is. She's deeply missed

This was extremely hard but I know it is the right thing to do. Please read: ❤️