Jessica Valenti

Still sort of reeling over the fact that we have a president who calls women too ugly to rape

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Stolen Irish dog 🐶❌ We've been hearing about a lot of attempted dog robberies & missing dogs. This is becoming a regular occurrence. Sadly, for one Tipperary family, the search is still ongoing for their beloved Springer Spaniel 'Molly' @DermotTodayFM 

@think_or_swim  says "radical changes" are needed to meet climate targets - and "cutting aviation is one of those things that helps in so many ways". @BreakfastNT 

Covid-19 in Ireland: Colour-coded response set to replace phases

'It doesn't mean we weren't working' - Senator defends €240,000 spent on travel when Seanad was not sitting. @BreakfastNT 

New U.S.P.S rules force mail carriers, truck drivers to leave without all the day’s mail, delaying deliveries, unions say @andysullivan  & I

Why does the “desert kingdom” of Saudi Arabia import sand from Australia? Because desert sand grains are too small, too round and too smooth to be much use for construction; you might so well make bricks out of icing sugar.

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Another new directive requires mail carriers to head out on their routes immediately in the morning, carrying only packages and letters that were sorted the night before. Then they are doubling back to get mail midday, explains @ApwuIowa  president Kimberly Karol...

In Maine, thousands of letters have been delayed as delivery drivers follow a new directive to leave on time, even if the mail has not been loaded, explains Scott Adams, president of Maine @APWUnational  chapter