A woman went into premature labor while being detained, her baby died, and this is ICE’s response: “a stillbirth is not considered an in-custody death”

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The race for the US Presidency is almost over US Ahead of #Election2020  , catch up with The State Of Trump’s Union, an exceptional podcast series from The Last Word with @cooper_m  which delves into the issues dividing and uniting the United States 🔊➡️

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'Ireland’s high levels of compliance to date are extraordinary given that the management of this lockdown could have been designed to foster pandemic fatigue,' writes Jennifer O'Connell

"I will come over (to Ireland), all the people who buy the book, will then get the signing" IE ⚽ - Jürgen Klopp@cooper_m  @lstwrd  #Liverpool  #JurgenKlopp  @Gill_Books  @suskeogh  - Full interview with : #Klopp 

Strike action by secondary school teachers over COVID-19 safety concerns in schools would only take place as "a very last resort", according to the ASTI.

We’re looking for businesses to tell us how they have been diversifying and weathering the Covid-storm for our new feature Open for Biz with @andreagilligan  and @bobbykerr  . Let us know below if you would be interested in telling your story. With @PINERGY 

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Most read: 'I now have a modern, spacious two-bed apartment to myself, with a bay view, about 50m from the sea,' says one man who has moved from Dublin to Malta since the pandemic started

Been giving about how so much franchise entertainment expects one to know and care about background lore, but, speaking as a hypocrite, I like that you’re not going to get much out of MANK if you’re unsure who, say, Irving Thalberg or John Houseman are. (Liked it. Will rewatch.)

Four days to go. Join us for a virtual expo that will provide students and parents with all the information they need to make good decisions about further and higher level study and training opportunities.

Big one today! IE@IrishRugby  vs. France! FR - can we do it? 🏉🙌 @giftgrubmario  has an anthem ready for the later! @EnergiaHome