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I'm sure these kids' high school & march organizers will try to distance themselves from the harassing behavior - but these are the boys that YOU raised. They are being who you taught them to be.
And let's please not forget that this group of teens who crowded around to mock & harass Nathan Phillips were there for the March for Life: There is an inextricable link between control over women's bodies, white supremacy & young white male entitlement.
I honestly haven't stopped thinking about that MAGA kid all day - in part because I think so many of us have been on the receiving end of the face he was making: a smug, untouchable, entitled 'fuck you'.
I'm willing to bet that fifty years from now, a defining image of this political era will be that smug white MAGA teen disrespecting a Native elder and veteran. It just captures so much.
A combination of Tweet Delete and Tweet Erase - took FOREVER
I deleted forty thousand tweets. 🙃
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Folks need to remember, esp as all this nasty shit comes out, that people mostly don't hide who they are. As the quote goes: believe them.
when will shitty men learn that we are not here for them to unburden themselves on
Oh, and one last thing: One day, men like this will call you a fat slut, too. Bet on it.
YUP. I want to tell women who cover for these guys - they will call you a slut one day too! You're not protecting yourself!
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