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Latest Scoops

Smugglers caught red-handed as robbery goes terribly wrong! https://t.co/EFkjkBeIP3
Two antiquity smugglers arrested for bulldozing Jewish archaeological site https://t.co/IE0CCPISk5
Khashoggi to Post in 2007: Nakba no different than Holocaust https://t.co/3d3VY4KiuJ
Israeli official believes the incident was not linked to the Israeli mission. https://t.co/6QHNlnN1SD
BREAKING Report: Turkish police to search Saudi consul's residence in Istanbul https://t.co/R4QMNzF5JY
Report: Driver shot after attempted protest at Israeli embassy in Turkey https://t.co/dkFEA7wp7b
"Some opt to spread hysteria while some make history," said the Culture and Sports Minister. https://t.co/pLRu6uFsfT
BREAKING Two explosive devices found in Eshkol region. https://t.co/Lk4qfYj4Mg
Liberman: Israeli operation against Hamas needed to halt Gaza violence https://t.co/aLJg5Tr0fH
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