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How the Gaza crises connects Qatar, Egypt and Washington https://t.co/K16D3Y3wer
Rivlin to make two state visits to Croatia and Serbia this week https://t.co/zT0egfANMk
BREAKING Arabic media: Israel obtained list of Iranian targets in Iraq https://t.co/VeFoBlyOAU
BREAKING Report: Egypt negotiates ceasefire between Israel and Hamas https://t.co/34OgUfpuBR
BREAKING Islamic Jihad: We will not give in https://t.co/kdVNtaGOEQ
BREAKING Hamas: We have the right to defend ourselves https://t.co/mZAhwPCeMK
BREAKING Report: Egypt, Qatar and Turkey pressuring Hamas to calm situation https://t.co/SsaBftvfiW
BREAKING IDF airstikes target Hamas drone depot https://t.co/6aNqGGReHh
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