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Charlemagne columnist at The Economist. Formerly Berlin bureau chief and Bagehot columnist.

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Whoever takes over CDU leadership and becomes CDU/CSU chancellor candidate (quite possibly the same person) will have to succeed where AKK failed: projecting post-Merkel renewal while holding together a wide coalition challenged in the centre by Greens and on the right by AfD.

Does the rise of Sanders present opportunities for Bloomberg? @IvoDawnay’s dispatch from New Hampshire for the @NewStatesman :

"Westlessness" is bad enough without "Germanylessness". My column in this week's @NewStatesman , citing this year's interesting #MSCreport , on the broader stakes of Germany's current political uncertainty:

"one swarm in Kenya measured around 2,400 sq km - roughly the size of Luxembourg" @matjhope  writes for @NewStatesman  on East Africa's invasion of locusts:

"Perhaps the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is actually like Tibet, a historic injustice gradually being forgotten." Must-read piece from @AnshelPfeffer  on why Trump's appalling 'deal' is no temporary aberration: the Palestinian cause is close to lost.

It is no longer certain that Angela Merkel will complete her term

If foreign policy Twitter elected the next CDU leader Norbert Röttgen would win a landslide. It doesn’t, so he probably won’t. But his candidacy is still good news. My @NewStatesman  take:

Bloomberg's electability is overstated, his suitability is questionable, his programme is inadequate and his attempt to spend his way to the White House sets a dangerous precedent. My column in this week's issue of @NewStatesman :

Whisper it softly, but Ed Miliband would make quite a good shadow chancellor:


Berlin's mayor just issued this message for Donald Trump. It's quite something.

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No class, no manners, no decency. What a disgraceful image of Britain.

A quote for the ages: "when the generation that survived the war is no longer with us, we'll find out whether we have learned from history" - Angela Merkel today

Today's FAZ report on May's disastrous dinner with Juncker - briefed by senior Commission sources - is absolutely damning.

An annual London-Peterborough season ticket now costs £7,864. In Germany you can buy an annual BahnCard 100, providing travel on *every train in the country*, for less than half that (€4,270, or £3,797).