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Charlemagne columnist at The Economist. Formerly Berlin bureau chief and Bagehot columnist.

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And yes, I know Sanders and Warren are both vague (or worse) on foreign policy. But foreign policy begins at home, and a violent and dysfunctional society is no foundation for a responsible superpower.

I clearly didn't make my point well here. That point was that, compared with a time when NI was *relatively* more modern than the republic (ie the 1950s/60s), the republic is now far more modern, open and liberal than NI.

This is welcome but not the whole story. I visited Bełchatów - home to EU's most polluting power station - and found residents as much concerned with their industrial identity as with jobs. There's a culture war brewing around carbon-reduction policies.

Following further replies and kind messages... I had understood from various histories that the north's relative post-war economic modernity involved a degree of political modernity and that the republic's authoritarian streak was starker. So, hands-up time: I got this one wrong.

Hope that doesn't detract from my basic point, which was that the republic's liberalisation in recent years is an admirable achievement and that it compares favourably with the north.

@thorstenbenner  People in 2050 won't look back on the 2020 election and ask: "was Trumpism voted out of the White House that year? ". They will look back on it and ask: "did that election end the circumstances that produced Trumpism? "

138 of 176 passengers on flight PS752 from Tehran to Kiev, downed by an Iranian missile last week, were bound for Canada. @FP_Nerd  reports for on t @NewStatesmane  Canadian-Iranian community, Canadian geopolitics and the aftermath of a tragedy:

@DarrenEuronews  @DenisMacShaneY  @jonworthou 'd be surprised how much more efficient train travel can be than flying... Wrote about this last month as it happens!

What does the power shake-up in Moscow really mean? @aliide_n  explains for @NewStatesman  here:


Berlin's mayor just issued this message for Donald Trump. It's quite something.

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No class, no manners, no decency. What a disgraceful image of Britain.

A quote for the ages: "when the generation that survived the war is no longer with us, we'll find out whether we have learned from history" - Angela Merkel today

Today's FAZ report on May's disastrous dinner with Juncker - briefed by senior Commission sources - is absolutely damning.

An annual London-Peterborough season ticket now costs £7,864. In Germany you can buy an annual BahnCard 100, providing travel on *every train in the country*, for less than half that (€4,270, or £3,797).