Tiktok Global / Commission

TRUMP wants the $5 billion from the Tiktok Global deal to pay for "patriotic education" via his envisioned "1776 Commission."

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Tiktok Global / Commission

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While Donald Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes during the first year of his presidency, he paid $188,561 in taxes to China. How's that for America first? So much, Mr. President, for standing up to the big, bad communist government of China. What a fraud.

While Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes in 2017, he has paid:   - $188,561 in taxes to China - $156,824 in taxes to the Philippines - $145,400 in taxes to India - $15,598 in taxes to Panama And Trump wants us to believe he puts America first? What a hypocrite!

COVID anxiety is real. COVID stress is real. COVID depression is real. Give a friend a call. Check in with family. Let’s show each other some love. Mental health is as important as physical health.

NOW: The Senate is voting on another rescue package for American families. Testing. Treatments. Vaccines. Unemployment aid. Another PPP. Historic money for schools. Find common ground & get help out the door. We'll see if Democrats use the filibuster to kill the bill.

Mitt Rommey told me he already voted in the elections but he wouldn’t say if he voted for Joe Biden or wrote someone else in. “I did not vote for President Trump,” he said

Watching the third debate Trump had with Clinton in 2016. He said, when pushed on whether he wants to see Roe v Wade overturned, that "if we put another two or perhaps three justices on that's really...what will happen...automatically, in my opinion."

We've got to get those ballots in, Jersey! Time is running out. Complete your ballot today and return it by mail or at one of your county drop boxes. Head to for all the info you need to safely cast your vote.

I am fighting everyday to solve the kitchen table issues facing Louisiana families. I am asking for your vote to continue to represent you. Early voting is going on now through October 27th.

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@SecPompeo  celebrates the return of two U.S. citizens held hostage by the Houthis in Yemen, discusses the U.S.-UAE Strategic Dialogue, and @USTreasury  Secretary Mnuchin's recent travel to the Middle East.

Men are really making a strong case for elevating more women at the close of this election