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  3. appreciate what you have before it becomes what you had.
Appreciate what you HAVE before it becomes what you HAD.


So that you never have to part ways with your favorite creams in the security line again, we created this list for you: https://t.co/5b282su73t
Yes, it's space heater season. But that doesn't mean you have to live with chewed up knuckles all winter long. https://t.co/UgDg8UDzGl
"You're talking about mental health issues, but you're allowing people three minutes and 30 seconds to deal with it. That's not gonna work. It's gotta be an album." See what albums have helped @DaveNavarro most https://t.co/XjTcCCihpn
Many people have mental health issues in one way or another .Many people may have them and you may not know or see it ! Shit you may have them yourself and not know!!. Spread love and good energy and do your best in life .
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