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I'm decidedly not in favor of prohibition, but if you substitute the word "opioids" for "alcohol" in this article, it reads like something that could've been written about the present. https://t.co/1GyPj79dHN
Those folks deserve extra scrutiny, but "so and so worked for such and such" isn't on its own a disqualification, and partisans tend to treat it that way when the other side is in charge.
I should also say that I don't share the fairly common view that having professional experience in the private sector means you should never be allowed to work in government or that it means you're definitely a shill or a mole for your prior industry.
🎶Doctor, doctor, gimme the news, I got a bad case of needin' booze🎶
HuffPost's union is proud to welcome @vox_union to the @WGAEast!! You want in, too? Ask me how. #VoxUnion
There’s a lot going on in the world but the only thing I care about is Carter Page’s hat. (NB: I have a fever and haven’t slept much this week)
I like to imagine him putting it on, then looking in the mirror and softly saying, “Oh hell yes.”
Is Roy Moore also running for DC mayor?
The first part of this statement is totally irrelevant to the subjects and reads like a ad copy for Vice content. And the fact that it comes *before* the part about how sexual harassment is bad reflects poorly on the company.
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