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Probably not. There's no budgetary effect to capping lawsuit awards.
Today in @HuffPostHill: Obamacare Repeal Possibly Going To Live On Farm Upstate https://t.co/M1q76d92vb
Anybody out there understand what the CBO concluded about updog?
"I'm very concerned about the Medicaid cuts."
"Here's a piece of paper that says OPIOID TREATMENT on it."
"I vote aye!"
Prediction: Whatever side deals McConnell strikes to win votes won't actually address the concerns those senators previously expressed.
I hope this doesn't mean @brianbeutler will have to shut down his "$5 Fortified Wine of the Month Club" now. https://t.co/SHsRAzcJbZ
Tom Price's fire Twitter memes about how Obamacare sucks could be the difference-maker.
Well, we know where Portman and Capito are on the Senate health care bill now.
Well, we know where Portman and Capito are on the Senate health care bill now.
This has been an obstacle to reporting on policy my entire career. Not at my current employer, though!
There is a strong bias in journalism - especially political journalism - against things that seem complicated.
What about cutting $1T from health care programs = fewer people getting health care confused them?
Everyone before yesterday: This bill will take insurance from ~20M.
GOP senators: Hm. Nope.
CBO: 22M
GOP senators: OH MY GOD!
The story in the Senate has mirrored what happened in the House at every turn. Just one turn left...
Medicaid enrollees as a share of the population:
Alaska - 25%
Ohio - 27%
West Virginia - 28%
In fact, Portman represents 3.1 million Ohioans on Medicaid. That's more than the combined populations of Alaska and West Virginia.
What the ELITE MEDIA does at 10pm on a Monday.
What the ELITE MEDIA does at 10pm on a Monday.
There 47 Senate Republicans who *haven't* expressed opposition to this bill. https://t.co/pReknuDukQ
Right about now is when you want to make sure you're following @MEPFuller.
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