Jeff Fortenberry

Jeff Fortenberry

U.S. Representative for the First Congressional District of Nebraska

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Agriculture is a mainstay of #Nebraska  and America’s economy. The vastness of our land, our ingenuity, our tech prowess allow our nation to provide the most abundant, low-cost, nutritious foods in the world. I invite you to review my remarks before the House Rules Committee

One year ago today, we passed the Great American Outdoors Act— the most significant advancement in community conservation and help for our national parks in a century. I am proud to have led this effort for #Nebraska , for America.

Today I traveled as a part of a Presidential Delegation to attend the funeral of Haitian President Moise. Unfortunately, after nearby gunshots, we had to quickly evacuate. Here’s a short video from #Haiti :

The Farm to School Program connects the rural to the urban, the farm to the family, while teaching students the origins of their food. Today I introduced a new idea to grow the program: encourage all school lunch programs to procure a set amount of food from local ag producers.

The Hyde Amendment to prevent taxpayer money for abortion has remained a bipartisan compact for decades. Little in DC has been this stable, or stabilizing, and with the majority of Americans in agreement. Now it is gone. I invite to review my speech today from the House Floor

I appreciate Nebraska National Guard’s role in keeping us safe, in their robust #COVID19  pandemic response, and in their creative public service. Important discussion today with Major General Bohac on preparing @NENationalGuard  for future needs.

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Had a very nice breakfast with all the #Nebraska  interns. Ella from North Bend did a great job this summer! Watch Ella and let us know if you’re interested.

Our regulatory process is not matching the urgency of #ALS . #ACTforALS  calls on @US_FDA  to build a partnership with others to create consistency across neurodegenerative diseases—to give hope to those who suffer.


Americans deserve to know if the products they buy are made in Chinese internment camps. Today, I proudly voted in support of the bipartisan #Uyghur  Forced Labor Disclosure Act to protect religious minorities in #China  and hold corporations accountable for using forced labor.

When Xi Jinping staked his claim as "leader for life," he did so on the promise that he would ensure the health, wealth and security of China’s 1.4 billion people. His government’s failed response to the #coronavirus  has given lie to that social contract

As the pandemic taught us, putting our health outcomes in the hands of other countries is both a @US_FDA  problem and a national security problem. #China  suppressed news about the origins, severity, timing of #COVID  It's time for drugs to be #MadeInAmerica 

My brother-in-law's death from #ALS  connected me to so many courageous persons suffering from this cruel disease. The @US_FDA  just shattered hope, not approving the treatment NurOwn because it only helped some. We can’t take much more. Is our government here to help?

#China is by far the largest creditor to low-income nations. The @USTreasury  must ensure that US funds are not being used by countries to pay off China. See this exchange with @JanetYellen :

Will seeking political retribution calm the violence and division in our nation? We can keep canceling one another, hurting one another, hating one another, or we can stop. The flag is still flying over the Capitol.

For complex diseases like #ALS  incremental progress is often monumental. But @US_FDA  would rather OK a drug with a 3% benefit to every patient than one that helps 20% of patients substantively. It's hard to see how any ALS drug can get thru that gauntlet

Now is the time. The @US_FDA  must listen to those who suffer from #ALS . We must move #ACTforALS  in this Congress so patients can access promising drugs in development and have a chance at life. #DyingWaiting  @bsw5020  @iamalsorg