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Country over Party
Country over Party


Take a walk down memory lane with us as we revisit Smt. Sonia Gandhi's journey in the Congress Party and say #ThankYouSoniaGandhi for her years of guidance, service and commitment to the Party and the country. #CongressPresidentRahulGandhi
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To our longest-serving president Smt. Sonia Gandhi, who worked relentlessly for the ideals of the Congress Party, & through it for the country; we express our utmost gratitude. A guiding light you will always be. #ThankYouSoniaGandhi#CongressPresidentRahulGandhi
Dear Dems,

You NEED to stay on top of voting for a #DreamActNow instead of waiting for 2018. It's not a chore you can add to your list of resolutions. People that contribute to this country are counting on you. Try to be the party you say you are. We're watching.

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