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#SuccessTRAIN #JOYpublicity  #ThriveTOGETHER  You must present yourself with clarity.

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“Democrats started it when they opposed Robert Bork” is the judicial politics equivalent of “we’re a republic not a democracy.”

Take The Near Impossible Literacy Test Louisiana Used to Suppress the Black Vote (1964) From the Annals of American Voter Suppression

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#HappyFirstDayofFall to these pecan pie bars and these pecan pie bars only.

Canadians urged to limit contacts again as COVID-19 cases surge /via @globeandmail 

Drones are delivering COVID-19 self-collection kits to qualifying residences in North Las Vegas. We hope this trial and partnership with @QuestDX  and @godroneup  will help shape larger scale contactless testing and future delivery capabilities.

All you need are three ingredients to make this creamy and zingy smoked fish mayo spread.

LIVE to our reporters on #HeadlineNews  @brendanjsmith9  & @CMMortlock  on borders @JonathanLea10  on the major upgrade to the NBN @gabriellaapower  Potential easing of restrictions in Melbourne. #SkyNewsonWin  @WIN_TV  Ch 603 @Foxtel  @SkyWeatherAUS 

@GidMK  Agree. Defined as the person doesn't recognize symptoms are covid related. It is indeed heterogeneous. But all these people had confirmed infections, exposure