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ESPN Analyst, attorney Moore and Van Allen, PLLC. President, Hair Club for Men. All opinions expressed here are mine, and should be adopted by you immediately.

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Look what The Bilastrator just received...brand new @bluedeltajeans custom. Best on the planet. Awesome.
This is not difficult. Change the rules to allow players to have agents and to participate in the free market, just as any other student, and any other person, is allowed to do. Simple. https://t.co/HW18HwVBIi
Mark Story, on what Mark Emmert, President of Systematic Failure, should’ve said about college sports: https://t.co/08oaOaeAYy
Andy Staples on the NCAA’s clear path...change the rules to reflect what college sports actually is...a multi-billion dollar industry. https://t.co/8glGQkz41I
Check into a hospital immediately. Your tastebuds are @&$?! up!! Rupp ice cream is the BOMB!
@Mitch_Stewart @nbadraftblo @NCAAg He’s a college president, supported by other college presidents. They accept no accountability, just spout high minded rhetoric. They say, “the presidents are in charge.” Yes, of a hot mess.
@nbadraftblog How stupid. Pay attention. I have offered that solution a million times, and it’s very simple. It’s called the free market. Amazing how it works for everyone else. Funny, schools have 30,000 employees and know exactly whom to pay and how much.
That NFL money, that pay the bail money. That see me on the street, it ain't hard to tell money. I gotta go to work.
Nobody is deflecting, brother. It’s the truth. And, you know it.
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