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@CrazyMSTeacher @GrantNapearshow No, they are not. Dysfunctional means not operating properly. The locker room, as put together by management, is not operating properly, clearly. You are what your record says you are. “Nice guys” is not the issue.
@bplawson9 @mock_leader @CarmichaelDave That’s fine. It is not, however, anywhere near the point. The Kings lost before him, with him, and after him. It is a losing culture and a losing organization. Hopefully, that will change in the coming years.
It’s not a “narrative.” Cousins left. Kings won 27 games. That’s not a “narrative.”
@CrazyMSTeacher @GrantNapearshow The players won 27 games last year. That they are nice guys and hang out together is wonderful. That doesn't mean Sacramento has a winning culture. It does not. At least, not yet.
@OG_Sully @GabeCorrie @mrgraves32 @CarmichaelDave You won more than 26 last year. You won 27. But, how the team does next year is not the issue. I was asked about Fox, and was referring to the culture that Rox was drafted into. Pretty clear.
This has been a discussion. It has not been a reasonable discussion.
@ThaDukeOvErl @ShaunLeeper11 @Revolver_81 @GrantNapearshow Yes, it is dysfunctional. The definition of the word is not operating properly. That organization is clearly not operating properly. That it may be improving is laudable. But, it has not been a winning culture. Period.
@ThaDukeOvErl @ShaunLeeper11 @Revolver_81 @GrantNapearshow No, those that are upset at the word are simply engaging in misdirection. Look over here! We don't like this word! Don't look at our record our 27 wins last year! Let's discuss only this one word, and take it out of context! That is the definition of lame.
@ThaDukeOvErl @ShaunLeeper11 @Revolver_81 @GrantNapearshow That locker room produced 27 wins. That organization has lost an average of over 50 games for over a decade. Nobody is arguing that those listed are not good guys. Sacramento has a losing culture and is a losing organization. That is not subject to debate.
@ShaunLeeper11 @ThaDukeOvErl @Revolver_81 @GrantNapearshow Good gracious. I didn't "pick " the definition. That IS the definition. I'm sure you didn't even see the discussion at issue. That you and your fellow fans wish to argue one word when you have a decade long losing culture is beyond me.
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