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ESPN Analyst, attorney Moore and Van Allen, PLLC. President, Hair Club for Men. All opinions expressed here are mine, and should be adopted by you immediately.

Latest Scoops

Duke’s Freshmen v. Michigan’s Fab Five...a great debate! https://t.co/DbjzIrOw4S
Great story by Kyle Tucker on the Coolest Cats in the Commonwealth! Great people at Rupp! It's the people, like The Committee of 101, that make Rupp Arena what it is...https://t.co/vBaY7ktxCR
They all still wanna sweat me a on a cool day. Them other suckers are as fake as April Fool's Day. I gotta go to work.
I'm about to call your girl, 'cause she's scandalous. I'm a pro, the rest of them are amateurs. I gotta go to work.
I am the boss, so it only takes one call. For a driver to hit you up and drop you off, that's all. Guess what? I won't be taking that fall. I gotta go to work.
The appearance fee is rather substantial.
The Bilastrator, with speed and mobility at Allen Fieldhouse! Villanova at Kansas, Noon, ESPN.
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Against all odds, and I will not stop. They try and keep me on the bottom, but I prefer the top. I gotta go to work.
'Froback Friday! Former Kansas star Josh Jackson. Villanova plays at Kansas tomorrow at Noon, ESPN.
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