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ESPN Analyst, attorney Moore and Van Allen, PLLC. President, Hair Club for Men. All opinions expressed here are mine, and should be adopted by you immediately.

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My homeys in graveyards, the rest in penitentiaries. And, they're never coming home 'cause they're doing centuries. I gotta go to work.
That Merry Christmas ice, that Wayne Gretzky ice. I wouldn't trade all this for Wayne Gretzky's life. I gotta go to work.
@WalkInFireplace That makes you a fool. I address that issue often. I offer the exact same comprehensive plan that pays everyone else. It’s called the free market. It is absurd to suggest it works for everyone else but won’t work for athletes.
@TMKriz If it’s such a great deal, let it stand on its own in the marketplace. Non-athletes get scholarships, too. Are they limited in what they can earn or accept? No.
@KVRPJeff Yet, all schools are allowed to pay coaches as much as they like, to spend as much as they like on facilities, travel, etc. The only spending restriction is on athletes.. So, the entire multi-billion dollar enterprise teeters upon athletes being unpaid? Nonsense.
'Froback Friday! The great Ralph Sampson of Virginia going against the great Patrick Ewing of Georgetown, 1983.
More money, more problems, more haters, more fun. Somebody go and find the waitress, I bet I need some more ones. I gotta go to work.
Throwback Thursday! A young Bilastrator drawing the triple team against Centennial High School, 1980. Impressive.
Can you picture my prophecy? Stress in the city, the cops is on top of me. I gotta go to work.
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