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ESPN Analyst, attorney Moore and Van Allen, PLLC. President, Hair Club for Men. All opinions expressed here are mine, and should be adopted by you immediately.

Latest Scoops

Every day I'm under investigation. But, I will not stop, so you can stop the hatin'. I gotta go to work.
Wait, was this a problem without the sign?
Congratulations to the great Bill Raftery, who will be inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame tonight in NYC. Send him in!
The great Dick Jerardi looks back over his Hall of Fame career: https://t.co/yPtBma1BqW
Interesting article by Oliver Luck and Brian Hainline on youth sports specialization: https://t.co/ZjqON5GZXy
The feds outside and they checkin' his tag. Still, the boy move with a hell of a swag. I gotta go to work.
Happy Birthday, Mark Alarie! Alarie (right) is one of the best players in Duke and ACC history.
You woulda thought I had a fan the way I blow that money. You woulda thought I had a plan the way I throw that money. I gotta go to work.
Arizona State can really score. And, Tra Holder has ridiculous range. Impressive.
Ricky Jones, professor at University of Louisville, on big time college sports: “This is a pimp game.”
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