Jay Bilas

Jay Bilas

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Could end any day, and you know better. Now you watch the Frito Lay, you know, cheddar. I gotta go to work.

This work $#!+ is on my resume. Brand new chickens all day, like I’m Chick-Fil-A. I gotta go to work.

This wasn’t the first time a player protest at the Final Four was discussed, and it won’t be the last.

Dear Lord, street life ain't no game, know what I'm saying? It's for my money, really, screw the fame and I ain't playing. I gotta go to work.

Knight Commission guidelines athlete NIL rights. I wonder if the guidelines for everyone else were used in coming up with these?! Oh yeah, literally nobody else has NIL restricted in any way, just athletes. And, I used “literally” (and now, NIL) correctly.

See, I passed the rock a couple of times, let me assist. Me and ya'll together, how we gonna miss? I gotta go to work.

According to Mike Gundy, the unpaid workers need to get back to work, and get back to generating billions in revenue. Wow.

Why do NCAA members sponsor sports? Just because FB and MBB generate billions to pay for it? This is a fascinating article, but not one administrator touts the “values of the game” or the “educational mission” of sport. They just talk about money.

Couldn't get it from my mama, so I got it off the block. Been working my whole life, but I ain't never punched a clock. I gotta go to work.


Damn. I can’t wait to see this...

This is just astounding. A basketball player playing basketball. A real “threat to integrity.”

Only athletes are presumed guilty, immediately suspended, and must prove themselves innocent. Quite a contrast to coaches facing allegations in the FBI investigations and federal prosecutions...they are presumed innocent until proven guilty. What an amazing concept.

The players provide the NCAA members free labor that is sold for billions during the entire season.

Sources: Lakers offer Jackie Moon a six-year, $95 Million deal.

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16 years ago today, LeBron played his first ever game on national TV... and, in bigger news, Jay Bilas had magnificent hair.