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I only found the new @MosesSumney album after @TessaThompson_x tweeted about it. Thank you both. Sublime work. https://t.co/1GrDqxU217
He never called the white supremacists who terrorized Charlottesville “sons of bitches,” did he? Some of them got to be “very fine people.”
While @POTUS holds campaign rallies, all of Puerto Rico remains without power. 3.5 million Americans in the dark. https://t.co/RWsC8jfiuc
Russian hackers probed voter registration systems in 21 states. @DHSgov waited almost a year to tell those states. https://t.co/i7QYU79dxu
An entire island full of Americans in Puerto Rico are without power right now, and @POTUS is cursing out NFL players at his campaign rally.
It’ll be quite a sight when Trump finally realizes that he no longer scares no one with his bullying. I hope that moment is televised, live.
I expect more @NFL players to be kneeling in protest during the anthem than ever before. You see, now they’ll be protesting @POTUS, too.
Trump referred to any NFL player who protests racism and police violence as a “son of a bitch’ who should be fired. https://t.co/5YbNxFKToZ
“I believe we could do better working together, Republicans and Democrats, and have not yet really tried.” https://t.co/iibxShZwea
Black economic independence, @MehrsaBaradaran argues, can't come without government backing. But tread carefully. https://t.co/AIz3tmdiP7
Ian Lichterman has a tattoo of a Nazi emblem on his left forearm. He remains a Philly cop. @AlbertSamaha, on that. https://t.co/8627y7Ib9Q
Again, I’ll have more on @BetsyDeVosED and her deleterious actions in my op-ed about rape on campus. Find it this weekend in @nytopinion.
The action taken by @BetsyDeVosED will make things harder for sexual assault survivors. I doubt that doing that helps end rape on campus.
However, I know from my experience as a rape crisis counselor that educating men about ending sexual assault helps. Coddling them does not.
I don’t much care if the solution to ending rape on campus is liberal or conservative. If @BetsyDeVosED had an approach that worked, great.
There are also ways to repair due process in collegiate sexual assault cases without making it seem as if the men accused suffer equally.
Are there cases in which men accused of rape are not afforded due process? Yes. There are ways to fix that without endangering the accusers.
In @BetsyDeVosED’s case, what she is doing to address rape on campus is about protecting men, whom she sees as equal victims. They are not.
There is currency, for the right, in painting the privileged as victims. We see that in every variation of their identity politics.
The reasons why this administration could want to ignore or invalidate the idea of rape culture are legion. For one, the man who leads it.
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