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Final word to @FA, @_andywalker_ and the comms team working with England. Managed to change the ‘us and them’ dynamic with the media which is no mean feat at a World Cup. Gareth Southgate set the tone and the players bought into it. Fine job on and off the pitch.
Flying home today. Still uncomfortable about the politics behind this World Cup but the competition itself exceeded all expectations. Countries are often a FIFA/UEFA sanitised version of themselves during tournaments but many felt Russia wasn’t even capable of that beforehand.
#fra players have just invaded Deschamps’ press conference spraying champagne, sports drinks, basically anything they could get their hands on at the assembled media, dancing and singing. Deschamps is soaked: “It’s the third time I get changed and I still smell just as bad.”
#cro coach Zlatko Dalic to @ben_rumsby on penalty given by VAR: "I never comment on refereeing but let me say one sentence: in a World Cup Final you do not give that kind of penalty. But it in no way diminishes #fra 's win."
The heavens open as #cro get their runners-up medals. Somebody quickly rushes to Putin's side to hold an umbrella over him.
Audible cheer goes up from pockets of the crowd as Kane is announced Golden Boot winner. Boos follow (mainly from the Croatia end).
Courtois given Golden Glove for best goalkeeper.
Mbappe wins Young Player of the tournament.
Modric wins 'Golden Ball' award for best player at the tournament.
FT 4-2 #fra have won the World Cup. They have the best collection of players so it feels apt but VAR decision a huge moment in the game. #cro rallied admirably after falling 4-1 down but just didn't have it in them after playing 120 minutes three times. defended well too.
#fra 4-2 #cro Howler from Lloris. Turns into Mandzukic who tackles him and the ball crosses the line.
#fra 4-1 #cro Mbappe fires home from outside the box. #cro look out on their feet (understandably).
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