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Gazidis on replacing Wenger. From Emirates Stadium: https://t.co/b5MmiCjqIx
Gazidis on replacing Wenger: "We're going to have a process around that. The process begins today but I want to keep that process in-house. I don't want to be making public comments about it. We haven't had any discussions to date regarding that."
Gazidis: "We will give him the send-off he deserves. We will then begin the challenge of building on the platform he created."
Gazidis: "We are in a better place today than we could ever have imagined 22 years ago. The foundations have never been stronger and that gives me great confidence as we chart the path ahead."
At Emirates Stadium. Gazidis: "Arsene changed the game. He set a totally new standard, a new ambition. Am ambition not just to win but to win while achieving perfection. To make art out of football."
Here's another piece on Wenger - this one online only - on the man behind the manager and how a long period of introspection led him, eventually, to an inevitable conclusion:
Print deadlines meant this was a very quick turnaround this morning but here's a piece on Wenger's time at #afc in tonight's @EveningStandard https://t.co/2ce3kryfAk
Six-page special in tonight's @EveningStandard on Wenger confirming he will leave Arsenal at the end of the season:
Am told Wenger informed the players in a dressing-room meeting at Colney at 9.45am. He wanted the players to know first before the announcement was made public.
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