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Worth noting in past 72 hours: - Statements in defense of Constitutional restraint by leaders of active-duty military; - And very prominent retired military (Mullen, Mattis, Dempsey etc) - And former prez's - And leading clergy Silent: those *elected* to defend Const, GOP Sens

Very good @TheAtlantic  piece by @AdamHSays  on the history of “commissions,” as palliatives. “We should start a commission on [XX problem]” is the counterpart to “we need to have a ‘conversation' on…"

We’re hanging a DC flag outside our house tomorrow (when the storms are over). Good for Karl Racine.


“I am your president of law and order.” LBJ was besieged at the White House by 100,000 protestors against Vietnam war in 1968. Nixon, by more than 500,000 in 1969. Neither deployed forces against demonstrators this way.

Two months ago, on February 20, neither US nor South Korea had yet recorded a death from the virus. On March 20, South Korea had 100 total covid deaths, and US had 150. Today, April 20, South Korea has had a total of 236 deaths. The US has passed 40,000

To spell it out: when a prez and staff are on “official” WH trips, they are NOT ALLOWED to turn them into campaign events. (If they do, they’re supposed to charge AIr Force One costs to the campaign; WH staffers can’t participate; etc.) Or, that is how it was, when rules applied

@NBCNews  FWIW, my “analysis”: What we don’t need: a journalist’s guess about “how this played.” What we do need: reportage of who said what, how it was backed up, what was new, how it matches the records and the law.

Before this is zapped from the collective memory: In previous admins it was NOT the custom for every single speaker to start w “I’d like to thank the prez for his vision and courage [etc]” It would have seemed cheesy, minor-league. Imagine arched-eyebrow look from Ike, or JFK.

Trump: “I called this a pandemic long before others did. I’ve always viewed it as very serious.” This is a flat-out lie and needs to be described as exactly that.

Every story about travails of USPS needs to include this fact: That it was *intentionally* lumbered w different-from-all-other-orgs oblig to pre-pay all future pensions. No “normal” company would be profitable this way Need to keep pointing this out

At end of press conf the 3 Americans standing for the country’s values and journalistic principles: - @WeijiaJiangTV  (born in Xiamen, raised in @YamicheWV ); - (parents from Haiti, raised in @kaitlancollinsFL ); - (raised in AL) The 3 of them are credits to journalism, and the country

Every news report about “infection levels” in US should come back to this incredible-but-true reality No one has any idea how and where the virus has spread in US, because hardly anyone has been tested -Chinese officials knew, and concealed for a long time. -US doesn’t know.