Clipping of short documentary made on my father on his fight against Cancer-diagnosed in 2015-its been 5yrs not a single day he put his head down,held cancer by its horns& defeated it,everyday hits the gym for 2 hours,learning new languages, golf, flying,work-getting younger😊 ✌️

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She's a specialist who has been on the front lines in fighting Ebola, SARS and polio. I don't blame her for being frustrated at other doctors (who are decidedly NOT public health specialists) questioning her strategy. (oh, and stand down Twitter armchair experts). #COVID19 

The bills prohibit transgender people from changing the sex listed on their birth certificates, and ban transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports

A rare street clash over the weekend on the border of virus-stricken Hubei province shows the challenges President Xi Jinping faces as China looks to get its economy moving again

Do you remember when Japan’s Prime Minister Abe, right before the 2020 Olympics were decided to be in Tokyo, assured the world that Fukushima nuclear ☢️ disaster was under control? It wasn’t New problem at Fukushima site; sandbags fatally radioactive

The legislation ban trans people from correcting their birth certificates, and more.

These incredible 102- and 88-year-olds just released a music album, showing that there's no age limit to fulfilling your dreams ✨

Eleven veteran residents of the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke, Massachusetts, have died, and five of them tested positive for coronavirus, Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse confirmed to CNN. Test results are still pending for five of the remaining veterans.

#DelhiCoronaScare | Is faith above health? 2000 violated curfew norms & 16 of them have tested positive for COVID-19. The rest are now being traced. Will they face action now? Details by Siddhant.

Zoom sued for allegedly illegally disclosing personal data #jakpost 

There was talk of pillows There was talk of faith There was talk of wind & hair But no one mentioned that @realDonaldTrump  showcased the @AbbottNews  #coronavirus  testing machine upside down 👇👇