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Jacqueline Charles

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Marie Rosy Auguste, a human rights defender in #Haiti , said they are concerned about the conditions of prisons during the #coronavirus . Govt has put together set of 11 criteria for prisoners' release but @RnddhAyiti  remains concerned on who's being released. @Magik910 

As of Saturday at 4pm, there were 28 confirmed cases in the #Bahamas  – 22 confirmed cases in New Providence, five in Grand Bahama, and one from Bimini. First physician dies in COVID-19 fight: Veteran nephrologist Dr Judson Frazier Eneas

First #coronavirus  death being reported in #Haiti  by some local media, a lawyer; still awaiting confirmation from @MsppOfficiel .

#Barbados has confirmed its first death from #COVID18 . The country now has 56 confirmed cases and completed 527 tests.

#TurksandCaicos announcement on the death of its first #covid19  case. Tough time for his family as this hits home in a small island community where everyone knows everyone & practically all are related somehow.

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#TurksabdCaicos says it has already repatriated 78 #Haitians  who recently arrived illegally and by the end of the day all Haitian detainees who came illegally in recent days will be out of the TCI and back in Haiti.

44 #Haitian  migrants who arrived in the #TurksandCaicos  earlier today are being repatriated to Cap-Haitien, #Haiti  along with 181 who have arrived in recent days. The migrants were intercepted through the detection of the Coastal Radar.


Another view of today’s mass antigovernment demonstrations in #Haiti  called by some musicians.

Haiti government has announced that its national Carnival planned for Port-au-Prince has been canceled after off duty cops and army soldiers square off in gun battle on first day

Just confirmed with a journalist on the scene in #PAP  gun battle between members of the army and protesting police officers on the Champ de Mars. You can hear the bikers over the phone . #Haiti 

7 of the 8 armed men who were arrested in #Haiti  have been flown out of the country to the US, has confirmed. “They are gone,” said a source.

Breaking news: #Bahamas  Health Minister Dr. Duane Sands confirms to @Miami  Herald that Hurricane #Dorian  death toll has jumped from 7 to 20.

The arrival of the #coronavirus  in the #DominicanRepublic  — a Caribbean nation of 11 million that shares a border with #Haiti  — opens up a new front in the fight to contain the virus.

I just spoke to #Haiti  Prime Minister who confirmed that he is under pressure to resign by the palace. "I will not resign," he said.

#Haiti 's leading earthquake expert is sounding the alarm for the population to prepare. In the last six months, the country has had 13 small quakes, mostly in the South, raising concerns that a big one could happen any day.

#DominicanRepublic now has 11 confirmed coronavirus cases, increasing risk for #Haiti , which shares a porous border and reports it still has no confirmed cases.