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Professional footballer. @NikeUK athlete. Proud father to son Archie and daughter Delilah. Instagram: JackWilshere

Latest Scoops

Great first half from the lads, we need to build on this! Thanks for the support today ⚽️👊
Thanks for all the messages and support after last night. Good news is i should be back in a couple of days 🙆‍♂️⚽️💪
A chance to put things right tomorrow...let's do this lads 🔴👊
Fair to say i enjoyed that! I told you on this team we fight till the end. Important we didn't give up and got the point. Thanks to all of the fans tonight, one of the best atmospheres I've experienced at the Emirates! 🔴❤
Focused on tomorrow 🔴
Thank you for all the birthday messages and thank you to my beautful wife for making not just today but the whole of 2017 special. We got married and in 2018 you will become a mum for the first time ❤ thank you for everything! Bring on 2018 with you, Archie, Delilah and our …
Thanks to all the fans for your support today and throughout 2017....you should all be going home happier today as we should have 3 points instead of 1! We go again wednesday ⚽️❤
3 points is what we came for and 3 points is what we left with! Job done, all focus on sunday now. Thanks to the fans for the love tonight ❤ much appreciated 👍⚽️🔴
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