Jack Kingston

Jack Kingston

Conservative activist, Trump surrogate & former congressman

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Ilhan Omar, at Bernie Sanders rally, calls for 'mass movement of the working class' amid 'Lock him up' chants

Twitter cry babies target #Suzuki  Lets all wear our #MAGA  hats to support him!

Is there anything the left can’t get outraged about?? @nytimes ⁩ writer upset that @seanspicer ⁩ keeps winning 'Dancing with the Stars' #DWTS 

Even when Dems selectively release the transcript they have a flimsy case! Ukraine envoy had no firsthand knowledge of #Trump  plans: transcript

'Coup has started,' whistleblower's attorney said in 2017 posts calling for impeachment

Trump, at Louisiana rally, hits 'disgraceful' whistleblower's attorney who tweeted of 'coup' in 2017

Great job!!! @DonaldJTrumpJr ⁩ Calls out the arrogant self-righteous hypocrisy of #TheView  hosts- #JoyBehar 's 'blackface' and #WhoopiGoldberg  comments on #RomanPolanski  not being a rapist

Like the failed #Mueller  coup #HouseDems  cast a wide net hoping to ensnare someone #Mulvaney  subpoenaed in impeachment inquiry | @thehill ⁩

#Bloomberg  might catch the wave #TomSeyer  missed as he signals interest in entering presidential race | @thehill ⁩

Congrats to @seanspicer ⁩ for a damn good run - despite the petty and vicious left wing hate machine mobilizing against him. #DancingWiththeStars 


Isn’t that nice of Mr Obama? Good for his virtue signaling! Now thx to #Trump  4million less people are on food stamps, there are more jobs than workers, African American, Hispanic & female unemployment levels are at historic lows. It’s pretty obvious who has helped the poor most!

What an unhappy little brat - US Women's soccer star #MeganRapinoe  says she's 'not going to the f---ing White House'

You can tell when Pence makes a point because Kaine interrupts. And he's interrupting NONSTOP!! #VPDebate 

Listening to #MeganRapinoe  anti-American bitterness certainly makes people want to rush out and buy season tickets...

Social media blackout-Twitter, Facebook,Google ignore Clinton FBI story. Google embraces Clinton @MariaBartiromo  @realDonaldTrump  @maga 

It was ok for mainstream Dems and media allies yo push the #Russianhoax  for 2 years, but #Trump  isn’t even allowed to tweet about the very odd #ClintonBodyCount . @CoryBooker ⁩ @BetoORourke ⁩ #EpsteinSuicide 

To reopen the Govt in 2013 #GOP  had to agree to fund #Obamacare  which we DID NOT VOTE FOR. Now #Dems  won’t reopen Govt based on border security legislation which they HAVE VOTED FOR. This isn’t about #BorderWallFunding  it’s about defeating

O really? “Students” are planning a nationwide rally? Not left wing gun control activists using 17yr kids in the wake of a horrible tragedy? #Soros  #Resistance  #Antifa  #DNC 

Good for Cruz. If conservatives continue to sit back the persistent and determined left will destroy all of our institutions & undermine our rights.