Indonesian / Reuters

UPDATE 2-Gojek CEO quits to join Indonesian cabinet, replacements named via Reuters #news  #reuters 

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Indonesian / Reuters

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A professor who is considered to be the foremost expert on money laundering -- he literally wrote the textbook on it -- has been charged with money laundering and faces 20 years in prison

According to the Roosevelt Institute, universal basic income would not only improve the lives of many Americans, it could also help to grow the economy.

Marijuana stocks took another leg down on Monday after Joe Biden said that weed may be a “gateway drug”

How often does your senator or representative vote with or against President Trump?

"NBC News traveled more than 400 miles through Madagascar’s remote south ... and witnessed scores of children working in unregulated and poorly-ventilated mica pits, as well as processing centers, alongside other family members."

Fallon: Pete Buttigieg is now leading the polls in Iowa. Pete’s very proud. He’s been walking around like he’s 5-feet tall.

@Snap  back! CEO @evanspiegel  sits down with @JBoorstin  in an exclusive interview talking regulation headwinds, taking on Facebook and much more. @CNBC 

Ford just unveiled its new Mustang Mach-E electric SUV. Ford Automotive President Joe Hinrichs tells @DavidWestin  that they will be made in Mexico to allow duty-free sales to Europe

$QQQ afternoon buyers of 4000 Dec. 31st (Q) $206 calls to open near $2.22