UPDATE 1-SAP in three-year cloud partnership with Microsoft via Reuters #news  #reuters 

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@emmavj  @amateuradamD  @BarristerSecretown  and Out in PwC and Deloitte A Portrait of the Auditor as a Young Man I Know Why The Caged Bird Applies IFRS16

Early signs of stress in euro area money markets? ECB's €STR fixing rose by 3.1bp (largest move since inception) while transactions volume rose to €39.7bn (highest ever). To be monitored...

Opening Quote: Royal Mail gets election boost for declining letter business

I’m happy to say my new book #Ruskinland  - about the powerful network inspired by Victorian thinker John Ruskin - is on sale here at #GPDF19  - if you’d like me to sign a copy, track me down via Twitter @ruskinland  #Ruskin200 

@KTHopkins  Customers in our store complained about the man in the video because he was forcing leaflets onto them. Electioneering doesn't take place in our stores. He was 1/2

@KTHopkins  asked to leave the store but wouldn't. The security guard, who is from a security company over-reacted and we are dealing with this - Georgina 2/2

Bit like in the US, there's a lot of plumbing involved and little to worry about at a macro level, yet it's not 'normal' to see this kind of move outside month/quarter-end periods.

#Commodities tend to rise in the later stages of the economic cycle. So far this has not been the case, at all!

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