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JUST IN: @Ocasio2018 plans to introduce a bil@JoaquinCastrotxl with to stop President Trump’s planned emergency decla
Special counsel prosecutors say they have communications of Roger Stone with WikiLeaks
So it seems @ltthompso's account has been locked by Twitter after noting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's boyfriend has a House email address
Jeremy Bash: we should stop saying he is fulfilling a campaign promise, the campaign promise was that Mexico would pay for the wall. He is actually breaking a campaign promise. #AMR
BREAKING: Five victims killed in shooting in Aurora, Illinois, police chief says.
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DEVELOPING: Police are responding to an active shooter situation in Aurora, Illinois, the city says.
India can forgive Chetan Sharma for that sixer off his last ball, but it will never forgive #NavjotSinghSidhu for being Pakistan’s 12th man at the nation’s darkest hour.
BREAKING: Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors are asking a judge for a jail sentence of approximately 19-24 years in prison for Paul Manafort.
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#Dehradun: Daughter of CRPF ASI Mohan Lal pays last tribute to her father. #PulwamaAttack
What emergency?

People are calling out the #FakeTrumpEmergency.

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Had a couple significant professional anniversaries this week - today's the third anniversary of the Earnhardt book's pub date, and earlier was my 11th (!) anniv of my Yahoo start date.

So: a little Sat morn story about writing and what NOT to do.
Kathryn Cook was in the middle of a workout in August 2015 when she started experiencing what she thought was intense heartburn. It wasn't. It was the start of a heart attack. She had no idea she was at risk.
.@staceyabrams speaks at DNC winter meeting: "Imagine what we can do when we fight back. Imagine what we can do when we start fighting today. We don't wait until 2020."
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"In my opinion, the best revenge is the amount of zeroes in our bank account." @mojism on why it's time for women to start talking about wealth and ask 'What's your number?' 💸 #MAKERSConference #IALSO
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