Julie Stewart-Binks

Julie Stewart-Binks

FOX Sports 1 Anchor/Reporter. I cover the beautiful game & good old hockey game. Don't dream it, Be it.

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They did it. They fucking did it. I’m in tears.

"No cause for concern" - @BrooklynNets  NBA analyst @sarahkustok  tells me about @KDTrey5  @JHarden13  & @KyrieIrving  having only played together 7 times this season based on the team's depth. Find out what analogy she uses to describe them... #DrinkswithBinks  8pm @fuboTV  @FuboSports 

"It's exciting for me to see a definite shift in the volume of women doing roles that were given to men, and I hope it continues to grow" - the NBA 1st full-time female analyst @sarahkustok  tells me she feels positive about the trajectory for women in sports #DrinkswithBinks 

Currently talking to a dude about a prescription I need, and all I can hear is a rooster consistently crowing in the background. When I asked him about it, he said "it's been 14 months of this working from home, I barely notice him anymore."

In a game of "Dunk or Block" NBA analyst for the @BrooklynNets  @sarahkustok  has the @Lakers  as #NBAFinals  title favorites "assuming Lebron and AD are healthy." Full #DrinkswithBinks  at 8pm @fuboTV  @FuboSports 

Wanna know what it's like to cover the various personalities on the @BrooklynNets ? NBA analyst @sarahkustok  takes us inside the locker room on a group she calls "The Avengers"😅... she also gives us a prediction on who will win the #NBAFinals 🧐 - #DrinkswithBinks  8pm @fuboTV 

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I’m personally offended by where this graphic is cut-off #WeTheNorth 

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Got my 2nd dose of the vaccine yesterday and feeling very grateful and emotional. Yes, my arm is in pain, but I now have some protection against covid. If you don’t want to get the jab, let me know and I’ll personally bring your doses to Canada.

"There are going to be people who don't like your opinions and thoughts based on the fact you are a woman" - @BrooklynNets  analyst @sarahkustok  preaches work ethic and having a thick skin as advice to young women. Full #DrinkswithBinks  @FuboSports 


The people clamouring for a CFB season should have put as much effort into telling people to wear a mask, social distance and stay home for the last 5 months

Everything about this. ❤️

The good thing about mono is once you get it you cant get it again. Just like the Jets winning the Super Bowl.

Hearing from a player inside MLS negotiations that a deal has been agreed upon between MLS and players. Working on details.

Antonio Brown going to the patriots is like when someone breaks up with you and then immediately starts dating the person they told you not to worry about

The world needs an Eminem comeback.

If you’re keeping score at home, Trump didn’t denounce white supremacists

When the presence of women is considered a “distraction” it instantly sexualizes them, removing any value or worth beyond their body.

Aaron Rodgers cares as much about this game as he does his family