Advisor Larry Kudlow / Coronavirus / Americans

This is absolute organizational chaos. WH Advisor Larry Kudlow is on cable TV right now saying the US has contained Coronavirus, just hours after the CDC warned Americans to prepare for significant disruptions to their lives.

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Advisor Larry Kudlow / Coronavirus / Americans

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#WATCH A squadron leader of Indian Air Force at a forward airbase near Indo-China border says, "Every air warrior at this base and across IAF is fully trained and capable to meet all the challenges. Our josh has always been high and touching the sky with glory."

The ONLY reason we have a 4th of July is because of good armed citizens 244 years ago. The ONLY reason we are still armed is because patriots never stop fighting to protect our 2nd Amendment. Today, powerful enemies want to destroy our #2A . The @NRA  will NEVER let that happen.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Three Colorado police officers were fired and a fourth resigned after they shared photographs of themselves re-enacting a chokehold used to subdue a Black man who later died, authorities said

People dunking on the founding should appreciate that they’re taking a sledgehammer to the very soapbox they’re standing on. No founding, no free speech, no right to assemble, no due process. If you think that’s all just “white supremacy,” try protesting and carping without it.

Florida reported more than 11,000 coronavirus cases on Saturday, the state's largest number of new cases in one day

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Another staggering, record-breaking number of new coronavirus cases in Florida in the last 24 hours. 11,458

Nigel Farage appears to have broken the UK's quarantine rules after posting a photo in a pub at midday today - less than two weeks after returning from the US. More on this story:

Are we really supposed to be shocked that a bunch of people were standing on the highway at night and two people got hit? If someone drank bleach I'd feel bad, sure, but only to an extent We only have so much responsibility and capability to stop idiots from dying

A face-off occurred between the National Guard and protesters blocking the road to Mount Rushmore, the site of US President Donald Trump’s rally, after they refused to back down. About 15 arrests have been reported. READ MORE:

#WATCH A flight lieutenant of IAF at a forward airbase near Indo-China border says,"This base plays an important role for undertaking operations in this area. It's cleared for all contingencies & for all combat & support operations that are planned to be undertaken in this area."