Immigration / Customs Enforcement

NEW: I just spoke with the former head of US Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) – He tells me that he expects hundreds of separated children will never be reunited with their parents. They will be lost in the system. Orphaned by the US Govt'.

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Immigration / Customs Enforcement

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Canadian government to 'cease protection' for Meghan and Harry

Pence, who lacks a medical background, was strongly criticized for his handling of an Indiana HIV outbreak in 2015, when he “ignored public health officials’ warnings about the outbreak, opting at first ‘to pray’ instead.”

According to New York City real-estate records the Trump Tower condominium that once belonged to Paul Manafort has been sold by the U.S. Government. A couple from California purchased it for $2.952 million dollars. Manafort forfeited the apartment following his guilty plea.

GOVERNOR @AnneWaiguru  - VERBATIM - 3 CLIPS I HAVE SUMMARY 1. DP @WilliamsRuto  - Our relationship is over 2. Hon @RailaOdinga-  We are only using him and his people to vote in BBI 3. BBI is about our interests as Kikuyus and Mt.Kenya people Full text -

@brhodes : "You have the admin taking away the tools you usually use to communicate facts to the American people. There's no more WH daily press briefing. During the ebola pandemic, that's when we would lay out these facts-That tool is no longer used to communicate to people."

@justin_fenton  @lukebroadwaterB  @KRichardsonMMAR  @lightforallE  @BaltCitySchoolsA  @baltimoresunKING : Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh has been sentenced to 3 years in prison, followed by 3 years probation as a result of her pleading guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion in her “Healthy Holly” fraud scheme.

Scotland has moved to become the first nation to make tampons and pads free.

#TBT to GeneSarazen's unbelievable ace on the Postage Stamp at @RoyalTroonGC  ⛳️ What year did Sarazen get his hole-in-one? 🤔

BREAKING: Former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is sentenced to 3 years in prison, followed by 3 years probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy and tax evasion.