Prime Minister

The Prime Minister spoke to the press regarding the request to apply priority measures, such as the prevention of the spread of disease, and other matters. (May 13) #PMinAction 

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Prime Minister

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On #Juneteenth  we honor the contributions, strength, and resilience of the Black community. Juneteenth is a critical day in American history and a reminder of how freedom and justice are delayed for far too many.

This is just odd. 🧐 Who puts out rules saying “NO AUDITS ALLOWED!!” Only those with something to hide. If a company said “WE REFUSE TO BE AUDITED,” would you invest in them? (And to the straw man re “sham” audits, of course, don’t have a sham. But real audits are good.)

The IRS has been gutted so badly that it often targets the cheapest people to audit: low-income Black and Brown Americans. Mandating IRS funding to go after wealthy tax cheats is a necessary step to help root out racism in our tax system.

It’s clear the Biden-Harris administration has no solution for the border crisis.

“It was the Republicans who fought for opportunity and freedom and emancipation and continue to do that today.” @PARISDENNARD , RNC National Spokesperson#Juneteenth 

Hopefully, the public will reward and encourage the next step to less war, a repeal of 2001 Authorization that has been used to justify war in dozens of countries around the world.

At least 294 fresh Covid-19 cases and 51 more deaths were reported in Uttar Pradesh on Saturday. (By @AbshkMishra )

Read Kimberly strassel column wsj Friday how courts are blocking many Biden executive orders The constitution chk & balances working 2protect rule of law Hopefully congress can also stop the progressive onslaught

South Delhi eatery 'Baba ka Dhaba' owner Kanta Prasad, who attempted suicide on Thursday, is stable now and undergoing treatment at Safdarjung Hospital. #BabaKaDhaba  #KantaPrasad 

On Friday, the Punjab Cabinet decided to give government jobs to the sons of two Congress MLAs on “compassionate” ground. #Punjab  #Congress  @satenderchauhan )