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Dancer. Ballet, Tap and Modern. I dont read DM's!

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Everyone at the @latelateshow is overwhelmed by our 11 Emmy nominations today. 11!!!! Thank you @TelevisionAcad for recognizing our Late Night show and the spin off shows it’s spawned. It truly means a great deal. Thank you also @CBSTVStudios @Fulwell73 @Snapchat @AppleMusic x
These are the England fans right now inside the stadium. It’s completely beautiful. https://t.co/KpMCPFsQjQ
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One day, It will come home. And it will feel incredible. x
A fantastic piece for everyone to read. About failure and success, social media and interaction. https://t.co/zVlANAUM3X
It’s almost impossible to describe what @MediumThomas does in this show we’ve made. It’s on @lifetimetv tonight. He has no idea who he’s going to pick up. But he changes their lives. One journey at a time. #SeatbeltPsychic @Fulwell73 https://t.co/uyWFKxdhiz
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Honestly, for me, this is my Marvel my Star Wars my Jurassic Park. I’m so excited to see this film.
For anyone who’s remotely interested. These are my books for the summer. x
Mum is crying because we’re going back to L.A! x x x
Our last night in London with my sisters ⁦@Rudimuller⁩ and ⁦@angecorden⁩ how lucky I am to have two incredible sisters!
If my love for Jordan Pickford keeps growing at this rate I’m going to propose to him in a couple of weeks time.
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