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Dancer. Ballet, Tap and Modern. I dont read DM's!

Latest Scoops

Unreal from @WayneRooney no one can underestimate the impact he’s having out here.
The art of a brilliant tackle should be applauded, not punished. @HarryMaguire93 is brilliant. https://t.co/7X46CKhMew
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John Lennon was born today. This clip will bring a smile to your face, I promise you that x https://t.co/3EVkKkdakl
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You’ve been hit by (dun dun) you’ve been struck by (dun dun) a smooth criminal!
The legend that is @EricIdle stopped by last night to remind us that we’re all going to die! What a dream to share a stage with him! x https://t.co/COxctSGlod
This is a piece of art in south west London.
The only frustrating thing about battering @ManUtd 3-1 at home, is that all of the coverage after the match is all about @ManUtd losing and never about @WestHamUtd winning. We were fantastic today. @Noble16Mark was the difference. Brilliant performance.
I don’t know who made this. But it’s exceptional in every way. https://t.co/LLwVpoBkXu
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