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Jackie Kucinich

I'm Washington bureau chief for The Daily Beast. @CNN political analyst. Love my rescue dog. Ohio State fan. Go Bucks! All my tweets are my own (obvi).

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Just opened my planner (I’m old school) and realized that the original Democratic Convention was supposed to be next week.🤯

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“Delightful strangeness” is the perfect way to describe the @betsyscribeindc  I knew. She was one of the first editors to let me write when I was an intern at @thehill .we laughed very hard, many times, I’m so sad she’s gone. @Olivianuzzi  captures her best

"Tell them I'll be late, just a little bit" #evergreenBiden 

I have no idea why I got this email out of the blue ...I haven’t been on this or any website today really. But uh...Happy 4th?

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Not to mention I don’t think I would say anyone was “ruining” the 4th of July - fog, rain, a particularly gross potato salad, sure.

My new email signature. "Please scream inside your heart, Jackie"

In a parallel universe somewhere I'm freaking out because @swin24  forgot to book a flight

Happy Birthday to @samstein !!! It's been so long I'm actually starting to miss him playing "The Boys Are Back In Town" and while laughing maniacally at his desk.

Kamala Harris Was in Biden Circle of Trust. Then Came Debate Night. great piece by @scottbix 


This was a peaceful protest. And they are using tear gas. In the United States. In front of the White House.

They tear gassed peacefully protesting and shot rubber bullets at people so President Trump could walk across the park to St. Johns on television.

The last two minutes in summary: Swalwell: Biden, you are old. Gimmie the torch. Biden: You try to take this torch from my cold dead hands. Bernie: YELLING [Everyone starts yelling] Kamala Harris: I will take the torch, now. Thanks. [silence]

Glad everyone here felt cool sitting down with someone who repeatedly harassed young, female journalists. Well done, all.

DC's hottest new club is SCIF, this place has everything: secrets, snacks, depositions stalled by cynical political stunts

Just so I have this straight- the president just tied “strong background checks” to ...immigration, days after two mass shootings - one of which targeted Latinos - where white, American males are accused of the crimes. My limit for cynicism is reached and it’s not even 8a

Whether or not you trust/ hate the media - this should bother everyone:

This stop on FLOTUS’ tour appears to be a facility of unaccompanied minors - which is totally different than the children who were taken from their parents arms.