Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford

I love basketball, but basketball doesn't define me.

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Going on Sportscenter in 11 mins. Tune in!

Steve smith Jalen Rose Alvin Williams Derrick ColemanLarry Johnson highlights tonight.

--my brother. All the things you bring to the table. #starinyourrole . Respect!

--Right on! Appreciate that and the platform you are giving guys. You always been ahead of the curve ✊🏾

@tsp20  @nate_robinson--big  homie, you might be right. State player of the year in football & basketball same year. AND held state hurdles record until recently.

Nick Van Exel Damon Stoudamire Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Tim Hardaway Jason Williams highlights today

Y'all do understand the more we keep going out, the more we will end up having to stay inside right? Or more lives will be lost.. Stay home!!!!!


Kobe has to be the new NBA logo.....

Whatever it was you did, football, basketball, soccer, acting, whatever. Kobe inspired you to be better...

I miss everything just being normal..

Kobe is by far one of the most inspirational athletes ever.. NBA should make " Most Inspirational" award in Kobe's name and pass out every year.

You can learn so much just by being quiet and watching..

No fucking way... no way, no way........ No way......... No way......no way...... I love you Kobe...

Be so confident in yourself, It doesn't matter what others think..

Say a prayer for someone else, it's not always about you..

Everyone's not gonna love you. Focus on those that do, and keep it moving..

Say a prayer for someone else every single night. Not always about you..