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What a result this was, winning in Atlanta against the champions.

Great tournament, great final. Wonderful for South Africa.

What a surprise - the federal government isn't very good at making money. It is world class at spending it. But not making it.

Shame Sean Speer wasn't on the ballot. Here's an agenda you could get behind.

Just got this and I love it. Great deconstructed versions of songs by Gerry Rafferty, John Martyn, Big Country, Waterboys, Blue Nile, Biffy Clyro, Deacon Blue and Twilight Sad. Check it out @CharlieAngusNDP 

Father, uncle, both grandfathers, great-uncles, great-grandfathers - all wore the uniform. Some didn't come back; those that did were never the same. #LestWeForget 

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A future Liberal government would provide $2,000 travel bursaries to send Canadians camping. I think that might be the stupidest thing I've heard so far in this election.

Andrew Scheer has developed an unfortunate habit of making claims that prove to be false - Jon Venables, Faith Goldy and now RCMP commish.

Best John Glenn quote: "As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind - every part of rocket was supplied by lowest bidder."

This is how big this blackface thing has become around the world. British comedian Lenny Henry starts a speech on diversity by saying: "Hello, I'm Justin Trudeau."

It is passing strange that @JustinTrudeau  can coax a tear for any transgression that took place before October 2015, yet has still to express even a tinge of regret for anything that has taken place since.

Missed my first budget in 15 years. But my 17 year old son was in the HoC. Here's his take: "Cons made complete fools of themselves".

What a mess. Canada is closed for business.