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From The Boy Least Likely To..... To The Man Who Never Did. All views probably borrowed from elsewhere.

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Kudos to Bahamas top flag carrying, so much better than the awks double hands on flag pole.

Another flag based on Arab Flag of Revolt 1916 - Palestine

Brazil and stars in the place in the sky on the day of independence

S Africa and a flag apporoved by Mandela himself

Mexico which put an eagle on due to Italy.

At last Mozambique and a flag with an automatic rifle on it! Ak47

Libya and a version of a pre Gaddafi flag

I’ve flagged. It was standard fare. Thanks for bearing with me. Thats enough flags or Twitter might banner me.

Russia tested its 1st simulated severing of its internet from global network last week as per its law. Moscow wants the ability to disconect Russia from outside if there's a cyber attack or..... in the event of internal events.


Hong Kong's democracy is finished. At Beijing's bidding today the legislature approved changes to the electoral process to strengthen Beijing’s veto over who can run for office. Also reduces number of elected seats, but doubles number of appointed seats.

Shocked to hear that Assad has won the Syrian election with 95percent of votes. Shocked I tell you!

In 'unsuprising news' news -China has rejected the World Health Organization plan for a 2nd investigation into the origins of COVID-19 involving theory the virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan as it "disregards common sense”.

Killing Suleimani is the rough equivalent, in terms of name recognition, of if Rommel, Patton or Montgomery had been assassinated. The revenge could come in a whole range of countries. #Suleimani 

UK PM Boris Johnson moved to intensive care about 80 minutes ago after symptons worsened. Study suggests cornovirus sufferers moved to ICUs have 50/50% chance of survival.

‘Signing on the brain, just signing on the brain, what a glorious feeling- I’m signing again.’

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A few dozen crash barriers, some decent crowd control and it would proabably just be a demo with ugly scuffles. Instead its being reported as an attempted coup. #CapitolHill  Total security failure. There were bigger crowds against Supreme Court appointment.

While we were looking the other way - China was playing on the world stage -

Many thanks to @Waterstones  for picking my upcoming book The Power of Geography as a 'non fiction highlight' for 2021!