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IG: @ItsMikeHill

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Just hearing about @espngolic  Because of him, I had a nat’l radio show on @espn . We weren’t super close & only did a few NFL show together but HE is the one who suggested to execs I fill in for Greeny one morning & the rest is history. I will FOREVER be grateful.

Something big, exciting and life-changing is about to happen for me. I feel it.

If many CF teams are only playing a conference schedule, how can you gauge who is TRULY playoff worthy? Out of conference major opponents are a big factor & what conference champ are you just gonna leave out? Notre Dame might just be out of luck too.

Pray they do too!! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

Last time you were in an entanglement?

You notice all these assholes trying to get kids to go back to crowded schools in this pandemic ain’t got kids themselves that they send to these same schools?

Looking for a really good movie, please check out #TheOldGuard  on @netflix  Excellent!! Sequel PLEASE!

Holy sh*t! #TheOldGuard  is a @GPBmadeit  film!!!?? Yo!! We winning. Love her!!! Loved the movie!!

@MatthewBerryTMR  When the team didn’t do more than fine Riley Cooper, they set the standard of punishment & tied their own hands. Both cases were EXTREME violations but if they punished DeSean more than Cooper, it would be a prime example of the racial injustice/inequality we’re fighting against.

I get the entanglement line was amusing but a lot of y’all need to back off Will. Many of y’all w/the jokes wasn’t on a break when your man/lady had her entanglement(S). (Look at YO face now)


I’ll probably lose my job for saying it but IDGAF. I refuse to idly sit by while a colleague of mine, once again, says/does ignorant, reckless shit!! The irony is this is a man who is claiming LeBron is seeking attention, while he is the one who really craves it.

Many of the same people that say they support you. Laugh with you. Party with you. & break bread with you, don't really like YOU. In fact, some can't even stand your ass. It's important to understand this and not let it affect YOU. Can't please everybody. Don't try to.

No one is born racist. It’s taught. What are you teaching YOUR kids?

We can not and will NOT stop posting about this until his murderers are brought to justice. The Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

Y'all dispute who the GOAT is but I'll tell you this, Dave Chappelle is the most brilliant comedian this world has ever experienced.

BTW, I wonder what the reaction was from all the Trump supporters who always says that we should keep politics out of sports?

While I respect his passion, Tebow isn't speaking for the majority of these college kids. Sure he played for the UofF for the love & all that but there's a HUGE difference when your family has MONEY or means ALREADY. Bet the majority of his teammates don't agree w/him.

And you know @CutonDime25  & @DeSeanJackson11  gotta be looking at the Eagles and Chip Kelly like….

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Ever notice how the same people screaming for protection of their 2nd amendment rights are the same ones who are totally against and want to punish Colin Kaepernick for exercising his 1st Amendment rights?