When the sun sets in #Libya , two U.S. allies [Turkey and UAE] get down to war di @bpolitics 

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I did more in 47 months than Joe Biden did in 47 years!

I am 79, and I am angry. If I were 18 or 20, I would be very, very, very angry. Young people can transform this country. We must do everything we can to ensure they vote in this election.

Rewarding Democrats’ tactics now would not stop their attacks on our institutions. Their threats predate this new vacancy by over a year. Their recklessness only underscores the importance that we do our job and confirm a nominee who truly respects the Constitution.

The anti-Trump activists/visual artists who regularly project the US COVID19 death toll on the Trump hotel in DC marked the horrific milestone this evening

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Democrats are taking over the Senate floor tonight to demand Republicans honor RBG’s last wish instead of rushing through a Justice who'll undermine her legacy Dems will not stop fighting for a woman’s right to choose, marriage equality, workers’ rights, voting rights, and more

8:19:12 p.m. - #HR1923  - Mr. Cleaver asked unanimous consent to discharge from committee and consider.

I wanted to share with everyone some very good news on Francesca. She had some challenges last weekend, including meningitis. But today she had a very successful surgery removing chunks of tumor and to help get chemo started soon. The surgeons called her a rockstar.

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The weird pandemic summer is over. We're further from how things were, and not (knowingly, at least) closer to post-pandemic life. Here's my piece about looking for some big American ideas in this disappearing year...

As the @UN  General Assembly convenes for its 75th session, we reflect on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our commitment to protect human rights is unwavering, and we will always stand with our partners against those who violate these values worldwide.