President Macron / Sarah Halimi / Jews Ramallah / France

@EmmanuelMacron  PM: "I also called on President Macron to deal with the matter regarding the murderer of Sarah Halimi, and also to act on the extradition of a murderer who murdered Jews in France and is now in Ramallah. He needs to be extradited to France. He promised to check on both issues. "

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President Macron / Sarah Halimi / Jews Ramallah / France

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President @realDonaldTrump ⁩ and @FLOTUS ⁩ take The Beast for a lap at the #DAYTONA500 ! 🇺🇸

Please please read this. Thousands of poor people are being put in jail bc they are late on medical bills. Like a dad, arrested and taken away from his cancer ridden child. That’s why I’m writing legislation to end this horrific abuse.

Trumponomics explained: 1) Cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations. 2) Promise the gains will trickle down and it won’t explode the deficit. 3) Collect campaign cash from rich donors. 4) Explode the deficit. 5) Demand cuts to Social Security and Medicare. 6) Repeat.

Hate begets hate. We simply must not tolerate a president who encourages such ugliness to fester. America is better than this.

@jaketapper  This unnamed “expert” says it’s “possible” that coronavirus originated in Wuhan super lab, we “just don’t know how probable.” I agree. Yet he calls it a “conspiracy theory” that we shouldn’t “mention.” I couldn’t disagree more. He’s wrong on two counts.

At the Daytona 500 with @timviensnascar  driver of the Trump Pence 2020 truck!

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First, it’s not a “ theory” and certainly not a “conspiracy theory,” but rather a hypothesis—one among many, all but one of which will ultimately be disproven by the evidence, if the Chinese Communist Party ever shares it.

Call it the “White Privilege Ticket.” A report over the weekend claims Mike Bloomberg is considering Hillary Clinton as his running mate. When I first saw that, my linear- thinking mind said ... no way.