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Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held security assessments and consultations this afternoon, and ordered the following steps.

PM Netanyahu: "They think they can uproot us from our land. They will not succeed."

PM Netanyahu: "Our guiding principle is that whoever attacks us and whoever tries to attack us – will pay with his life. Our enemies know this and we will find them."
Prime Minister and Defense Minister Netanyahu: "Last night we settled accounts with the murderers from the terrorist attacks in the Barkan Industrial Zone & Ofra, and today we suffered a harsh attack in which two soldiers were killed. We will settle accounts with whoever did this
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Israel's long arm will reach all those who harm Israeli citizens.
PM and Defense Minister Netanyahu:
I commend the ISA, IDF and the special anti-terror unit for their impressive actions which led to the location and elimination of the abhorrent terrorist from the Barkan attack and another terrorist who was involved in the attack at Ofra.
The security forces are pursuing them and I hope that there will be news soon on this matter. We will not slacken until we find them and deal with them to the fullest extent of the law.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:
"Our hearts are with Shira and Amichai over the passing of their four day old son who did not even have a name. The murderers are abhorrent, the most deviant criminals on earth.
WATCH LIVE: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's remarks at the @GPOIsrael New Year toast.

PM Netanyahu: "I commend the important projects the launches of which Sara is participating in together with you. Jimmy, thank you very much."
Prime Minister Netanyahu to Guatemalan President Morales: "We are moved by your and Patricia's friendship and that of the Guatemalan people. This is a marvelous and splendid friendship that has continued for 70 years.
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