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And in this regard, I want to thank you, Steve, for the work that you've been doing in the Treasury both to arrest Iranian aggression and also to advance the unbelievable partnership between Israel and the United States. So welcome once again to Jerusalem.
I think Israel and the United State prove the resilience of free economies, which give freedom to their peoples for ingenuity, entrepreneurship, creativity. We have the same minds and we have the same heart. We have the same interests and the same values.
We have seen in recent years that pressure is the only thing that arrests the forward movement of the Iranian nuclear program and pressure is the only thing that rolls back Iran's aggression in the region. We're going to discuss how we can cooperate on this matter.
PM Netanyahu: The aggressive Iranian regime has used the JCPOA to further that aggression to unbelievable heights. And that is why we welcome President Trump's bold decision to get out of the JCPOA.
And this is what is going to occupy a great deal of our discussions today – how to stop Iran's dual aggression: Its quest for a nuclear arsenal and its quest for a conventional arsenal and its plans of conquest in the Middle East.
PM: The US-Israel alliance unde @POTUSr Trump has never been stronger. I appreciate that alliance and strengthening of our relations in every field: in intelligence, security cooperation, trade, economic cooperation and our common approach to preventing aggression in this region.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met this morning in Jerusalem with US Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1:
"Good morning, Secretary Mnuchin, Steve, welcome again to Israel. This is your second official visit. We have a lot to talk about and we've begun doing that.
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Prime Minister Netanyahu and Vanuatu Prime Minister Salwai agreed to continue strengthening bilateral cooperation in various fields.
Prime Minister Netanyahu welcomed Vanuatu Prime Minister Salwai on his visit to Israel and said that despite the great distance between the two countries Israel and Vanuatu are close friends that cooperate in water, agriculture and technology.
Earlier, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Vanuatu Prime Minister Salwai held a working meeting at the Prime Minister's Office.
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