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As Dems prepare to draft articles of impeachment next week, the needle has yet to move in terms of public support. A new @YahooNews  @YouGov  polls shows 47 % of registered voters say Trump should be removed from office, 45% say no.

Out today in time for the impeachment debate: A revised and updated ebook edition of Russian Roulette with a new epilogue on the Ukraine scandal and the Path to Impeachment @DavidCornDC 

Two of the more eye-popping passages in the OIG report. What happened when the FBI interviewed Steele's "primary sub-source" about some of his more sensational allegations.

Horowitz said he met with Durham in November. Durham told him that he believed the Papadopoulos info was sufficient to open a "preliminary investigation" but not a full investigation. Seems the difference may be smaller than was thought on Monday

Horowitz: "We were surprised to learn" that confidential human sources were used against members of a major party presidential campaign without approval of DOJ lawyers.

Comey says on @FoxNewsSunday  "he's right and I was wrong," referring to Horowitz' report identifying "significant" errors in the Carter Page FISA.


Exclusive: Trump sends private message to embattled Flynn: "Stay strong"

When FBI agents picked lock on Manafort's house, they found Ukrainian lobbying records he had told DOJ didn't exist

The Manafort memo on Friday "will be public," Mueller's office tells me, indicating prosecutors will detail for all to read what prosecutors believe the ex-Trump campaign chair lied about. Should be interesting reading.

Exclusive: How Russian intelligence agents planted one of the most insidious conspiracy theories of the 2016 election. My new six part podcast series.

In testimony, Fiona Hill described what a loose cannon Sondland was: "He was often meeting with...with officials that we had derogatory information on...giving out his phone number and texting...All of those communications could have been exfiltrated by the Russians very easily."

In lawsuit against CNN, @DevinNunes  says network should have known Parnas was "a renowned liar, a fraudster, a hustler, an opportunist with delusions of grandeur..." Not good timing given phone records in intel report.