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‘Doug and Kamala together are almost vomit-inducingly cute and couply’: The VP’s stepkids speak, via @IrishTimesLife 

I was homeschooled by paper dolls and an amber-eyed dog via @IrishTimesLife 

Mercedes adds another all-electric crossover to its mix via @IrishTimesLife 

Sixth-generation woollen mill is spinning new yarns via @IrishTimesLife 

‘Stardust took me over. It turned me into a victim too’ via @IrishTimesLife 

Michelin stars 2021: The Irish restaurants in the running (via @IrishTimesLife )


Mental health experts around the world ‘shocked’ by lack of abortion services in Ireland

From her childhood in rural Monaghan, the star of the time-travel drama Outlander has quietly forged a career as a supermodel and now as a TV A-lister, with four Golden Globe nominations (via )

Pray. Don’t vote. Watch ‘Murder, She Wrote’. How the world's oldest person, Emma Morano, lived to 117

The question we need to ask: would you force someone to stay pregnant against their will?

‘On New Year’s Day my brother, like too many young men, decided this world was not for him’

Seán Moncrieff: The royal family? I don’t get it. I don’t get why the media and public get puppy-eyed over a group of people who have never done anything.

After seven years of silence Enya speaks about fame, privacy and music @official_enya 

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We need to understand that bookstores are not just a place to sell a product. We give advice, we give directions, we act as tour guides and we host events and help keep local communities alive.'