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SNP wins 64 seats in parliament as other pro-independence parties make gains

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Since @mcuban  called the story of a schism “bullshit,” his GM of 16 years and his champion coach of 13 years have walked away from the most treasured commodity — the best young building block in the sport. Bullshit rarely hardens into truth that obviously or that fast. — Dan.

Here's how the 50-year-old war on drugs continues to harm Black Americans:

The supreme court sided, unanimously, with a Catholic agency that refused to place children with same-sex foster parents in Philadelphia. The court found the group was within its religious rights, and the city was wrong to refuse to do business with it.

Red paint used to deface statue of Winston Churchill outside Edmonton city hall

@freedlander  “If you think New York politics is not enough about ideas, or is too transactional as it is, or no one cares for the broader city interest, you are really going to not be happy with an Adams administration,” says @ProfSchleich 

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Your immunity isn't a muscle that you can strengthen. Here's how your body's first line of defense *actually* works:

Here's how to break through to someone you really don't agree with. Watch the full talk here: #ListenFirst 

How hot was it? More record heat across #SoCal  today. The hottest temperatures were recorded across the interior valleys and desert. #CAwx  #LAHeat  #PasoRobles  #AntelopeValley 

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Autumn Scardina keeps trying to force Jack Phillips to bake a cake with a message that offends his religious beliefs. Why? | Opinion by @charlescwcooke