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Covid-19: Is insufficient testing a big weakness in our attack?

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@selenagomez  says Facebook is "cashing in from evil." Gomez exchanged emails with the social media giant's COO Sheryl Sandberg as part of a public and private fight against online misinformation and hate. She's now sharing the messages with @AP .

Army Veteran Charged With Attempted Murder for Shooting 15-Year-Old Black Girl at Trump Rally

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Some stock returns in 2021: MicroStrategy: +49% Wayfair: +33% DoorDash: +31% Asana: +31% Skillz: +24% Roku: +23% Tesla: +17% Etsy: +15% Airbnb: +15% Intel: +16% Twilio: +15% Zoom: +14% Teladoc: +13% Docusign: +12% eBay: +10% Uber: +9% Palantir: +9% Pinterest: +6% Zillow: +6%

Our vaccine tracker shows a total of 3,559,179 people in the UK have received their first jab

How is this even a headline? How does the fauxminist fraudulent, sweatshop owning, shoe design stealing, complicit, Chinese trademarking, shanda spawn of the twice impeached, one term 60+ losing flaccid fascist fuhrer have a political future?

Stendhal on the 7 psychological stages of falling in and out of love – exquisite insight from 200 years ago

Our interactive coronavirus map allows you to view the latest data after a further 41,346 Covid cases were recorded across the UK