Phil Cofer

Folks, please keep FSU's Phil Cofer in your thoughts. His father, who has been ill for some time, has passed away. Phil found out after today's game. So incredibly sad. His teammates are comforting him as best they can.

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Phil Cofer

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Police in Minneapolis will be forbidden to use chokeholds and neck restraints under reforms negotiated by city and state authorities.

Another incredible poster for Spike Lee's #Da5Bloods , streaming June 12 on Netflix.

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Touting a lower-than-expected jobless rate, Trump said a strong economy is the "greatest thing that could happen for race relations." "Hopefully George [Floyd] is looking down ... saying this is a great thing that is happening for our country," he added.

"The biggest lesson is that COVID-19 is more than an illness. It is a symptom of the ailing health of our planet. Humanity’s dysfunctional relationship with nature has caused this wider disease"

The miles of cement barriers that serpentined around the Green Zone in Baghdad mutely announced the fear and failure of the U.S. invasion. Trump’s current Green Zone is a monument to his cowardice in the face of peaceful opposition, writes @maassp .

#BREAKING NEWS: Brian Bartels is facing federal charges after allegedly inciting riots at last weekend's George Floyd protest in downtown Pittsburgh.

‘F*ck you! You shot a car with a pregnant woman in it’ — Video shows Denver police firing pepper bullets at a pregnant woman in a car (warning: distressing)

“The reason we have troops overseas in Germany is not to protect Germans, everything we have is for our benefit,” said Frederick B. Hodges, a retired lieutenant general and a former top U.S. Army commander in Europe. “The decision doesn’t seem attached to any kind of strategy.”