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Latest Scoops

LGBTQ+ activist and YouTube sensation @ConnorFranta sat down with top model and founder of the Flaviana Matata Foundation, @FlavianaMatata, to talk inclusivity and acceptance as part of @kennethcole’s #TheCreativeClass https://t.co/8zBfahZQtl
We've rounded up the 10 must-see movies at this year's @sxsw! https://t.co/Vgzhl9cHBc
"Something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately...is time going away, and that opportunities that arise may not come back again," @TheRealYLT in convo with Bob Odenkirk https://t.co/xG4ZLfDMLt
The future of TV is female: A must-read roundtable between @SHOTheChi's @hillmangrad,@WestworldHBO 's Lisa Joy,@SHO_SMILF 's@frankieshawisag , and@ChewingGum 's@MichaelaCoel . Moderated by producer, writer, director & star of , .@BetterthingsFX @pamelaadlonhttps://t.co/91wbpGP6Wn
"There’s no one to tell me what I can and can’t do anymore," @ALICEGLASS talks to @ZOLAJESUS about her difficult past and her bright future https://t.co/5p1QCC6SXI
Jennifer Jason Leigh on her role in @AnnihilationMov, her love of sci-fi, and the importance of the #MeToo movement https://t.co/ObjaUtjkS1
.@gracevcox, the head vixen in Paramount’s retooling of beloved ‘80s film @Heatherstv, sounds off on why the mean girl archetype endures https://t.co/XdhvueAa1g
After two years of melting faces and blowing minds as part of L.A.’s thriving glam rock scene, @thestarcrawler has just released their self-titled debut LP https://t.co/eBdfb3BXeB
Joaquin Phoenix stars as alcoholic cartoonist John Callahan in the upcoming Gus Van Sant-directed biopic https://t.co/tlwzUXmgce
.@HELMUTLANG turns the lens on their biggest fans in the brand's latest campaign https://t.co/BYucUirizA
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