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Latest Scoops

Luxembourgian actress Vicky Krieps came out of left field and stole nearly every scene in Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest film @Phantom_Thread https://t.co/7ZTI6w9uD6
To celebrate the release of #REVIVAL, go behind the scenes of our cover shoot with @Eminem https://t.co/lZK7scC0CS
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“I’ll sometimes reference the history and the social-political importance of a particular material,”says Kapwani Kiwanga, one of our ten young artists on the verge https://t.co/3yBpOiX6Gm
At Gianni Versace’s former mansion, @insecurehbo star and showrunner @IssaRae revealed her drink of choice and whether or not she was #LawrenceHive https://t.co/rtHs5AhQuI
The new collection from New York designer @ThomBrowneNY razes the rules for dressing up with transitional pieces that are smart, technical and marked by his signature stripes https://t.co/vaI52QRaXy
.@MisaHylton, the stylist responsible for Lil Kim's legendary seashell pasties, walks us through five more iconic looks she styled https://t.co/NtH8zXpWcf
Hovver builds mind-bending refracted light installations that awaken our sense of childlike wonder, catch their newest work @dayfornightfest this weekend https://t.co/YgvgAGk0rD
"I don’t know if I can prepare for what’s to come because I don’t know what will." #DaisyRidley in conversation with #CarrieFisher https://t.co/1YzzJ89MDM
“I always said, ‘I don’t want to act. I paint,’”says Leelee Kimmel, one of our ten young artists on the verge, who appeared in 1999’s #EyesWideShut before leaving Hollywood https://t.co/SWSApFlKTf
Alt-pop star @SSION blessed us with his rebirth playlist, featuring @Neilyoung and Amber Mark https://t.co/JKD2Pl4Jyd
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