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This device stitches you up without the need of stitches via
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This video by MinuteEarth explains the many complications of predicting earthquakes early enough to evacuate properly.
This robot can build LEGO models better than you via @autodesk
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Directly activating a gene important to exciting our excitatory neurons may one day reverse major depressive episodes.
The United States is in dire need for somewhere to store its nuclear waste. Is Yucca Mountain the ideal storage space?
This device can be used by anyone who needs assistance in the shower🚿 via
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Picking the right program language can be daunting. Here some of the best programming languages to learn in 2019.
The therapy that consists of a dual drug combination has been shown to increase progression-free survival.
A new Rutgers study shows smokers have reduced the ability to discriminate contrasts and colors.
Know everything about ocean energy conversion and new emerging technologies in the sector.

The Most Relevant

These vibrantly colorful 3D-printed prosthetics are offered to kids for free
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This scrubber cleans your feet in the shower without the need to bend over 🚿
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This hydraulic excavator can move like a spider via @XCMGGroup
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This solar-powered weeding robot offers more sustainable use of herbicides..
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This bike has a hidden trick via @ConvercycleBike
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This is not your typical electric bike🚲⚡️ via @LopifitUS
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This fog net pulls water right out of thin air🌁 via @creatingwater
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